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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul... is really freaked out.
five more seconds;
....Oh. My. Fucking. God.

...It's the kid. The ball-bouncing kid.

...He's walking up and down the hall. Holy shit. I thought I wasn't freaked out. I lied. There is no denying that it's him. Ooooooooooooh fuck me. I really want to open the door, but I am... not that brave, so it would seem.

...and he's coming back. dammit go away go away please please please go away.

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@_@ Fun. At least he stays in the hall?

Yeah. @__@ although at one point it sounded like it was bouncing in the room, I think that was just because I was so incredibly freaked out.

Yeah. My best friends bedroom has some kind of wonky portal or whatnot in there, and when I was last there I could hear someone's joints cracking when they walked in front of the bed. That qualified as Not Fun At All.

...Well, that's some freaky shit right there. o____o

Yeah, her house in general is really fucked up. >_> So's mine, but no where near as bad as hers.

We've got something that smokes in my dad's old room (he refuses to sleep in there, and instead crashes on the couch), something in the upper hallway that has said 'hello' to me twice (sounds like a young man, and he's polite), something in the dining room/living room that only my cat can see (Pepper) and it's kicked her ass twice, sadly, something in the living room that likes to drop the temp about ten degrees at random, and something my dad calls a portal just at the entryway from the living room into the small hall downstairs before it opens up into the entryway. Doesn't look like anything's there, but dad shot a crossbow dart through there once and the dart disappeared for months. We looked everywhere, nothing. The dart eventually turned up on it's own, missing the fins. It's useless for shooting now.
There are also two odd 'pits' in the backyard that nothing grows over. They're each roughly about four feet in diameter. We're renting this house from a lady my mother works with, and all we know about it really is that they had rented it out to one couple, and then that couple, without permission, rented it out to a bunch of other people. There were about six families living in here at the same time, and they turned the place into a garbage dump. Judy (our landlady) kicked everyone out when she found out what was going on and cleaned up, but god only knows what else was left behind besides garbage. I refuse to dig those pits up.

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