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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul is reminded why she fucking hates little kids.
five more seconds;
As it is, Last night I randomly took off cuz I went to hang out in Morty's room, before going out to the Movies with makia. We went to see Resident Evil: Apocolypse. Which was really great. Omfg. Like, the first one was 'eh, okay' but RE:A Holy fuck. They HAD the RE feel. FINALLY. It was THERE. Racoon City and teh Zombies of Zombie nature and the Lickers of awesomeness and just.. Nemesis looked PERFECT. OMG.

Jill was perfect too. So totally Jill. She had a little Claire mixed into her, but that was alright. I could deal with that. I couldn't deal with the fact that everyone thought that Chris would be in the movie, and I was like, FANGIRLING because I thought we had Chris, but instead of it being fucking Chris, as soon as he opened his mouth I knew he was effing CARLOS.

...Now, I hate Carlos. A lot. And the fact that he was more Chris-like than he should have been? Made me angst. So much. ARGH. CHRIS WOULD SO FUCKING JUMP OUT OF A PLANE TO SAVE A CHICK AND THROW A KNIFE AT A GUY'S HEAD. CARLOS WAS A BITCH AND I HATED HIM.

....Bah. Movie!Carlos was alright. I guess. I still say if the next movie doesn't have either Chris, Claire, Leon, or all three in it, I'll kill something. Like, a lot.


after that, I spent the night at her house, where I still am. We stayed up watching Inuyasha and Wolf's Rain. Then she put in Lion King 2 and we watched that, although I got into RPing with Sumi and Meg, so I got distracted. XD

...On that note, sumi informed me that we've been RPing too much, as she had a dream about Zidane and Garnet's wedding. XD Which amuses me greatly.

Then I got woken up by evil baby of doom. Joslynn's parents are taking care of this kid that isn't theirs... but the fucking kid cried ALL morning. like, right outside Joz's door in the livingroom. Which was like '...wtf?' I dunno HOW Joz managed to sleep through it. I really couldn't.

but yeah. Grr. Kids. Grr. Carlos. Hee. Rp.

..That about sums up my post. XD

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bah. That child sucks. I hate children, and Ethan is especially child-like, with his "look at me I'm a helpless baby", when in truth he's an evil mastermind bent on slaving us all to his will


damn babies. Damn them good.

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