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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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..Because we are geeks.
five more seconds;
This is what happened between me and sumi last night after we finished ZidanexDagger log 3454657877563412... XD

Gemstone Dagger: Dagger can't decide between Being Proper and Kissing Him Senseless
SoulAnubis: XD
SoulAnubis: Zidane says 'GO FOR THE KISSING!'
Gemstone Dagger: As long as they're away from people they know, or completley alone...she will. XD
SoulAnubis: ....ayah.
SoulAnubis: Zidane just wilted.
SoulAnubis: o__O
Gemstone Dagger: Lindblum though? XD if they egt THERE, it'll be proper little miss queen. XD
SoulAnubis: *watches Zidane wilt more* ...He thinks he's gonna get ignored.
Gemstone Dagger: Aaaw.
SoulAnubis: Or he'll get swatted for attempting to hold her hand or... breathe at the same time as she is. =/
Gemstone Dagger: Aaaw...
SoulAnubis: Then he'll go off to Tantalus HQ and be bummed for a while.
Gemstone Dagger: Aaaw..
SoulAnubis: ...Then he'll sneak back into the palace in the middle of the night into the guest bedchamber, just cuz he can.
Gemstone Dagger: And she'll go hunt him down.
Gemstone Dagger: and say "screw propriety. Just so long as I'm back in MY bed chamber before anyone knows."
SoulAnubis: ..but he's sneaking into the guest chamber she's staying in. So, no worries. 8D
Gemstone Dagger: ::giggles::
Gemstone Dagger: Okay, so sjut so long as he's gone before anyone knows. XD
SoulAnubis: XD
Gemstone Dagger: But he gets caught sneaking out. XD XD XD
SoulAnubis: ...XD
Gemstone Dagger: or not. but that'd be funny. Xd
SoulAnubis: espically if it was Rusty who caught him. XD
Gemstone Dagger: ::DIES::
Gemstone Dagger: oh god. Steiner would KILL HIM
SoulAnubis: He'd be like 'I WILL CASTRATE YOU HEATHEN!'
Gemstone Dagger: "HOW DARE YOU DEFILE THE QUEEN!" "Steiner, we didn't DO AYNTHING~!"
Gemstone Dagger: XD
SoulAnubis: ...OMG. *Picturing scenes from Hidalgo. XD*
Gemstone Dagger: LOL. I need to see that.
SoulAnubis: XD
SoulAnubis: There's a scene that's like.. exactly like that. Only she came to see him rather than he going to see her.
Gemstone Dagger: ::GIGGLES::
SoulAnubis: XD
Gemstone Dagger: I can SO See that happening though,
Gemstone Dagger: XD
SoulAnubis: oh yeah. XD
Gemstone Dagger: ::giggling:: oh god, that would be a scene
Gemstone Dagger: I definately see Dagger/Zidane as an ups-and-downs sort of relationship
Gemstone Dagger: atleast until they're married. XD
SoulAnubis: XD
Gemstone Dagger: She goes back and forth between Her Duty and Propriety, and saying Screw It. XD
Gemstone Dagger: So they cuddle, there's distance, they fight, they make up, and cuddle s'more.
SoulAnubis: Then it'll be like... '..............LETS MAKE BABIES!' '...Zidane, we just did that last night.' '...So? Duty as Queen and King! Must produce heirs! BED WOMAN! *TACKLES*'
SoulAnubis: ...right. XD
Gemstone Dagger: ::Dies laughing::
SoulAnubis: ...Zidane will be such a bad King as far as stiff-shirt propriety goes.
Gemstone Dagger: doubt the Alexandrian population will aprove of the rumors they hear of their King. XD
SoulAnubis: XD
Gemstone Dagger: but they put up with it because he makes their good queen happy. XD
SoulAnubis: Most of Alexandria is commoners though. So I think they'll like him.
Gemstone Dagger: true. XD
Gemstone Dagger: Oh god. Their kids. I keep goign back to that. XD
SoulAnubis: XD
SoulAnubis: I really picture their son looking just like Zidane, tail and all. Only like.. with Garnet's eyes.
Gemstone Dagger: brown eyes? ^ ^
SoulAnubis: yesh.
Gemstone Dagger: heehee.
SoulAnubis: ^^
Gemstone Dagger: Would all their kids have tails? XD
SoulAnubis: I dunno. Maybe.
Gemstone Dagger: teeehee. I find it Terirbly amusing that Zidane would use "making babies" as an excuse to have sex. XD
SoulAnubis: XD
SoulAnubis: Well, it's a valid one.
Gemstone Dagger: indeed
SoulAnubis: And it's so much better than him just yelling 'SEX!' and tackling her.
Gemstone Dagger: ::DIES::
Gemstone Dagger: "Haven't you ever heard of foreplay?" XD
Gemstone Dagger: XD XD XD
SoulAnubis: '...I thought this was foreplay?'
Gemstone Dagger: LOL
SoulAnubis: XD
Gemstone Dagger: How would he honestly react when he found out they DID make a baby though? XD
SoulAnubis: ...I have no idea. XD
Gemstone Dagger: ::Giggles::
SoulAnubis: either he'd be like, so incredibly loveable to Dagger, or he'd be like '...Damn. I'm good.'
Gemstone Dagger: ::falls over laughing::
Gemstone Dagger: or maybe both? XD
SoulAnubis: ...or he'd be inclined to run from Rusty, as I'm sure even after they're married Steiner won't get used to them having sex. XD
SoulAnubis: ...Is possible. XD
Gemstone Dagger: ::laughs:: Steiner would KEEEEL
Gemstone Dagger: XD
SoulAnubis: XD
Gemstone Dagger: I don't think Steiner could accept ANYONE having sex with The Queen though. XD
Gemstone Dagger: but Zidane's worse....beause STEIENR HAS TO PRAISE THE UNWORTHY MONKEY!
SoulAnubis: XD
Gemstone Dagger: Hm...
Gemstone Dagger: Big Wedding, or Elopment? XD
SoulAnubis: ...I really think that Zidane would pull for Elopment, but Dagger would NEVER go for that, would she?
Gemstone Dagger: Probabaly not.
Gemstone Dagger: XD
SoulAnubis: besides. It's kinda like they already eloped, in Conde Petie. XD
Gemstone Dagger: true
SoulAnubis: So Big Wedding.
Gemstone Dagger: Heehee
Gemstone Dagger: With Pretty WEdding Gown
SoulAnubis: And Clothes of ImBreathability for Zidane. XD
SoulAnubis: ...Damn. Now I'm gonna have to design him a pretty wedding getup;
Gemstone Dagger: ::dies laughing::
SoulAnubis: XD
SoulAnubis: *Placed her bid on the action figures*
SoulAnubis: This other dude'll have to be real desperate if he wants 'em. So much so that he'll have to replace his bid. Because Ebay's got a cool bidding system I didn't know about. o__o
Gemstone Dagger: Garnet would have tprettyyyyy dress. with lotsa beads and lace, XD
SoulAnubis: XD
SoulAnubis: and lots of complicated ties around the back and front, right?
Gemstone Dagger: yup ^^
SoulAnubis: to piss Zidane off a whole lot when he's trying to disrobe her on the wedding night XD
Gemstone Dagger: I can jsut hear Zidane "Damnit, how do you egt this thing OFF?!"
SoulAnubis: XD
Gemstone Dagger: YES! XD
SoulAnubis: He'll be like '*Whiiine* Daaaagger, can't I just... CUT you out of it?'
Gemstone Dagger: "Zidane Tribal, you are not goign to CUT my wedding gown!"
SoulAnubis: '..Waat? 'S not like you're gonna wear it ever again. *Sighs and keeps attempting to figure out the ties and ropes and bones* ...This thing didn't happen to come with a manual, did it?'
Gemstone Dagger: "NO CUTTING."
SoulAnubis: '*muttergrumblepullsatcords* You did this on purpous. This dress was made specifically to TORMENT me!'
Gemstone Dagger: "Me? No..."
Gemstone Dagger: XD We're RPing without actually RPing you know. XD XD XD
SoulAnubis: ..I know. Its really sad. XD
Gemstone Dagger: I know

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We're so fucking nuts.

Yes. But that's okay. Because everyone else is nuts too.

... I am amused.


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