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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul hates fucking high bidders.
five more seconds;
SO. I bid on my figure item. And so didn't win. My high bid was 70 bucks and I got fucking OUTBID. the item was only worth 65. I went to 70 because I figured not even the bidding ass who outbid me (As I'm sure it's the same fuckard that bid on the item earlier) would go higher than what the product is worth. But no.

...I got outbid, by one fucking dollar. Had I woken up at nine like I'd told myself to, I would've been able to fix my bid to outbid HIM. BLAH. So much angst.

...So, I'm going to scour Amazon to see if I can find anything, and if I can't, I'll just go to gkworld and get the Dagger and Steiner figures. My Zidane figure is far too lonely with just Vivi and Trunks. He also refuses to be gay, so yeah. Even though we used to say he had gay sex with Vivi in my backpack, Zidane is NOT GAY. PERIOD.

...Sorry. I just hate Slashy-paired Zidane. As it's always either Blank or Kuja he gets paired with. Or I saw a Baku once. *shudder*

But yeah. Amazon, then gkworld. @___@ I could BID on the figures as they seem to be selling them, but no. No more bidding on items that I won't win, kthx. Buy Item Now from now on. Unless all the other bidders are lightweights. (Like the Zidane plushie. omgsomine.)

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ZidaneandBlankweresofuckingomg. At least, Blank wishes they were!

*L* I'll give you that. Blank was undeniably gay. All that stuff about writing letters to Ruby was like, SO a front.

Zidane/Baku... Holy fuck, I feel dirty just thinking about it. x_x

Oh yeah. X___x Now I'm gonna have to go search aff.net to see if I can find teh horror again.

.. show me if you do. I need legit reasons to burn my eyes out.

Nope. Couldn't find it. XD It was on FF.net before they got all banny of NC-17 (Bastards.) so...yeah. I actually can't find any of the fics that I actually liked way back when either. u__U Stupid FF.net.

....There are only 14 9 fics at AFF.net though. Saaad. And of them all, there's only one that APPEARS to be ZidanexGarnet from the summary. I am woed.

*whispers* You need AuctionSniper. 'Nough said.

....Eeee? I am intrigued by the sound of this.

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