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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul is a shopping whore
five more seconds;

Going to bid on those. But waiting until the auction is about to close, so that I can hopefully get them. The current Hi Bidder seems to want them, but it doesn't fucking matter, as I know I want them more. I've been desperate to get these figures for like...since I got my Zidane set.

Of course, if I still lose to the fucker, I checked gkworld.com, and they've got the Garnet+Steiner set, which I can settle for, even though I'd rather have them all.


This makes me squee. So much. OMFG I want. I also want the Ziddy keychain, and the Garnet one, but they're cheaper at GK world so I'll probably get 'em there.

...And They've got some beautiful wallscrolls. *___* I never realized how cheap some of this stuff was. I should've started Ebaying sooner. Ah well. *Goes to see if she can find the FFX figures she wants too*

...Why yes, I do collect action figures.

Restarted FFIX. I just entered the Forbidden Forest, but I'm taking a bit of a break, as I'm going *__* now.

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I have the Eiko one. I love Eiko. <#

*__* supposedly that set is uberrare. Eiko is cute though. XD She's the only character from the original game that had a part in my future!verse fanfic that I desire revision of.

I love Freya and Steiner the best. But not together.

For Steiner belongs to Beatrix, muhaha.

XD Steiner alternately disturbed and amused me. Although when he started falling for Bea, he just got endearing.

...I couldn't agree more. I so <3'd the part when they were fighting together and stuff and it was all like <3!!! and junk. XD *braindead*

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