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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul is a lousy student.
five more seconds;
Updating from E-Presentations class. He's taking AGES to say a little bit of stuff. It's kind of making me angst, as I'm really hungry. Seeing as I woke up at quarter to 11 due to Hannah making a big CRASH over on her side of the room, then went and got shower before coming here and talking to Laura and Cody about Invader Zim before Mr Dione showed up. He's always late. @__@

But yeah.. am hungry and want to go to lunch. I actually brought my headphones and book with me to class, so I could go directly to lunch and enter my Varisworld, to avoid Creepy Stalker Boy.

....I never thought I'd have a stalker. But apparently I do. And he's stalking Diamond too. Ayah. I'm just really glad he's got no frigging clue what room I'm in.

....Mr Dione seems to be amused by 'Alpha Males' and 'Alpha Females' ....WTF?

....and now he's describing the meaning of them by using Floppy disks to demonstrate. The hell?

...Oh. He was describing the layout of the PPT chart. Haha.

I need to make me a new layout for my LJ. It looks terrible on this computer, and I really don't like it anyway.

...I think class may be almost over. I hope. Am so very hungry. @__@

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What you up to tonight? I have money and I wanna go scope out a movie. Aye? Gimme a ring at home about... um.... 6.45ish. kk? danke!


...Am calling, but no one is answering.

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