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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul is reflecting upon better times.
five more seconds;
Cinna: Marcus, the ship soon embarks! Board ye this boat alone, and
peace could come to both kingdoms, as Blank so said. Speak, Marcus!

Marcus: She told me that she could not live without me. So, the sun is
our enemy, too. The eastern sky grow bright. Will we not spread our
wings, as yonder birds in joyous flight?

Cinna: Hark, Marcus! They cannot wait any longer! The ship departs!

Cinna left.

Marcus: Could she have betrayed me? Nay, ne'er would my love speak
false. I must have faith! She shall appear if I only believe! As the
sun lends me no ear, I pray instead to the twin moons! I beseech thee,
wondrous moonlight, grant me my only wish!

Marcus takes the hooded suit off and it's Zidane.

Zidane: Bring my beloved Dagger to me!


...Hey. aristide? D'you remember when you, me, and Nani would all get together and play FFIX and read through the parts? I miss that. That was so much fun. Doing the voices. u__U

..Am going to restart IX tomorrow. Playing Zidane has me really wanting to relive all this stuff I'm remembering from it.

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Remember it. Miss it. That was probably some of the best fun I've ever had while playing a game.
I've even tried it with Krystal, it didn't work mind you and didn't feel right at all, but I still tried.

Heh, damn it. Now you've gotten me all nostalgic.

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