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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul is fucked.
five more seconds;
....Well, Shit.

Seems like Ivan's headed in our direction. Like.. Directly. Headed straight for NH. Imma watch the News tonight and be all like o__o I watched it last night because I was all o__o for my friends in New Orleans and Florida, and now I'm like o__o for us. Because if it DOES make it up here without swerving or anything... I don't have anywhere to go. Maine would probably get hit too, if NH does. So.... so not cool.

On another note, made a few new friends today, which is great. I'll probably be hanging out with them in the room at some point this weekend or something, playing video games and watching Anime and stuff. XD

...But yeah. Fuck with the Ivan. Argh.

On another note, Bathrooms = Haunted. Crystal = Freaked right the fuck out. Varis = Amused.

...Also excited because I get to use my BW3 icon now. XD He's my fave Black Waltz. XD

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I wanna see your haunted bathrooms!

...Hee. *Takes her digital camera with her next time she wanders down that way* They aren't much to look at, but yeah. XD Some girl died of Hypothermia when this was still a mill building. My theory is she turns the showers on in an attempt to get warm.

Our school is supposedly haunted, since we're right next to a giant cemetary and one of the Catholic missions and all. ^_^;

XD You should look it up online. That's where we found out our school is haunted. Although the bathroom thing wasn't listed. That was a first-hand experiance. The taps in the showers are the big pain-in-the-ass spinny dials. They can't just come on of their own volition like the toilets and sinks and hand dryers can.

I should, but I'm lazy, and nobody cares about Alemany anyways XD

We just assume it is because we get to see funerals during class if we're in the right buildings. Once there were even bagpipes.

...OMFG. Bagpipes? XD!!! *Amused* That is so amusing. XD I had a friend who lived like, right behind a Cemetary. We used to go bike riding up and down the little roads between the tombstones. XD

This is one of those modern cemetaries, so there's no tombstones. Just tons and tons of flowers and name plates. XD

Yeah. Pretty much what I said, only with more vulgarity and O__o'ing.

I hope it doesn't come my way. :/ I do not need another fucking hurricane screwing my school year up! XO

*Watching the news right now* I dunno... It's got all the state to travel, so hopefully it'll die down before it hits us.

...Yeaah. The news just said that it should just give us coldness and rain. But no actual metal-ripping doom winds. o__o That's good. If it's going on the path they just said, it'll miss you all completely.

Fine You' ll Be It' S slowly disapating.

=/ Still. I don't wanna be stuck in Haunted!Building with no power if it should so happen. That would suck. So much. Omfg.

Can NH get hurricanes? I mean, I was always of the impression that it was like ME with it's general lame weather.

And damn, I need new icons.</a>

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