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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul is kicking her own ass.
five more seconds;

FF8 Vid. I really want to make FF8 vids for some reason. I don't like this one much, and I blame it on the song. It's not a bad song, in fact I adore Ben Jelen... it's just not the calibur of my previous videos. I used more like... pretty-quality songs. Ben's got the poppy. So I expiramented. I will some more, as I'm in planning stages of a video to 'Time is Running Out' by muse (Because it just amuses me in my head too much to not do it.) but yeah. I don't have much love for it. It could also be because I realize I'm whoring the 'Squall Lost' sequence as I've dubbed it in my files. That's almost always the first one I open up to look at and be like '..Which of these scenes can I use?!'

...Have also realized I'm an angstbunny. If they had an angst category on AMV.org, I would have it checked off for like, ALL my vids. None of the songs are particularly happy through-and-through. Gravity is like.. leaving things behind, Valparaiso is about a person dying at sea, The Knight is about the woman being murdered, and Come On is like... the girl dumped him. But she comes back at the end, so I guess that's okay.

....I need to break out something happy. After I do Time is Running Out, I will do a happy AMV. With Happy sequences. Say hello to gratuitous YRP and dance sequence action! Muahahahaha! *keff*

...Okay, really stuffed up, so going to try and sleep now. Hopefully drugs will kick in soon.

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FF8 is addictive when it comes to vid making, that's why.

Blast FF8 and it's 101 FMV sequences which can be used for almost anything except Britney Spears!! (..Well, I suppose it COULD be. Theoretically. That would just scar me for life. *shudders*)

XD Versatile.

And Come On is sweet. KOBG is still my favorite though.

Absolutely. XD

Mine too. XD I like the Story!Songs. XD

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