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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
The Knight of Balamb Garden and Gravity have both hit 100 downloads. Yay!

...I was watching all my AMVs in rapid sucession today, and I realized I really don't like my Gravity AMV, because the quality of the X-2 bits is just HORRIBLE. I really should redo it sometime with the FMVs I ripped myself.

...I also just realized I can rip The SoulTaker now. Omfg. I need to rip it leik woah. <3 SoulTaker. Yay for DVD2AVI XD

..Math test was pathetically easy, although teacher man pissed me off because he refused to give us the test until the end of class. So I lay half-awake on my desk the entire class going *blaaaaaaaarwelrrjfsdp...* and for some reason he knows my name. He knows a total of three people's names in the class. Why am I one of them?

...I'm going to assume it's because my name isn't all that common and it's pretty-like compared to some other names.

I think I'm really dehydrated right now, which is weird as I've been drinking tonnes of water. But my hands are really dry, and I actually used lotion. I never have to use lotion. My hands are just naturally the right amount of moist to be really frigging soft without the daily use of lotions. I have lotions, I just rarely use them. Today, I'm using them.

...Had I enough motivation to get up and move to the other side of my desk I could get my CDs so I can rummage around on those. I'm really just not up to moving at the moment. Dayquill seems to have stopped major congestion, but that isn't a whole lot. I also continue to be drowsy, despite taking non-drowsy meds. blaaaah.

...I'm going to just sit here half awake now.

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It's a pain in the ASS... but This thread on Emuforums has all the info and program links and steps you'll need to rip FMVs from both FFX and FFX-2. The X you may not want to waste your time on, mine came out kinda shitty.

xD Weee mucho gracias V-Chan. I can finally get around to making my blasted X-2 Video I've been pondering over. xD *gives you giant chocolate cake as thanks*

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