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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
The Knight of Balamb Garden and Gravity have both hit 100 downloads. Yay!

...I was watching all my AMVs in rapid sucession today, and I realized I really don't like my Gravity AMV, because the quality of the X-2 bits is just HORRIBLE. I really should redo it sometime with the FMVs I ripped myself.

...I also just realized I can rip The SoulTaker now. Omfg. I need to rip it leik woah. <3 SoulTaker. Yay for DVD2AVI XD

..Math test was pathetically easy, although teacher man pissed me off because he refused to give us the test until the end of class. So I lay half-awake on my desk the entire class going *blaaaaaaaarwelrrjfsdp...* and for some reason he knows my name. He knows a total of three people's names in the class. Why am I one of them?

...I'm going to assume it's because my name isn't all that common and it's pretty-like compared to some other names.

I think I'm really dehydrated right now, which is weird as I've been drinking tonnes of water. But my hands are really dry, and I actually used lotion. I never have to use lotion. My hands are just naturally the right amount of moist to be really frigging soft without the daily use of lotions. I have lotions, I just rarely use them. Today, I'm using them.

...Had I enough motivation to get up and move to the other side of my desk I could get my CDs so I can rummage around on those. I'm really just not up to moving at the moment. Dayquill seems to have stopped major congestion, but that isn't a whole lot. I also continue to be drowsy, despite taking non-drowsy meds. blaaaah.

...I'm going to just sit here half awake now.

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Never got around to telling you, but Come What May made me get all 'OMG SO PRETTY *____________* JDSK;FJD;LFAS;J'

Holy fuck 100 downloads? o_o My videos haven't even gotten that.

^___^ Squee. I love that song. It just put itself together. Other people have done it, but yeah, mine is better than the one I watched *Concieted!* *eyeshift* It fits with all the games all kinds of good though. Conflict!But <3! And ShuinxLenne scenes always work well for 'I will love you 'till my dying day' XD

....Yeah. I'm a little 'wtf?! XD' about The Knight of Balamb Garden, because like... I just posted it the other day. The lack of downloads on Valparaiso make me sad though, as I'm convinced that's my best one for some reason.... Probably because I've been effected by the reviews on KOBG which are like '...omfgwhyisquististhere?!' @__@ and I'm like '...Why is she there?' now. af;ljkds... I should've used the sequence when Ragnarok's doors opened. I knew I should've used it, but I wanted to put Quistis in my video because I'm a dork. ;__;

That song is the total awesome is why. >D

OMG forget them it's your video and fine the way it is. XD

I want to make a mix video to Poe's Haunted, but I'd need more Kingdom Hearts clips if I wanted to attempt it. My KH clips are the total suck anyways, because I captured them myself and they're all 'BLECH LET'S FUCK WITH THE BRIGHTNESS SO I CAN'T SEE IT ON MY MONITER.'

Anywho. *goes back to adding code after code for IX*

Oh yes. <3 teh songage.

...Most of the clips for KH are teh suck as it is. I am a bitch and don't like KH vids. like ever. It's probably because I've got an undying hatred for Sora. I just.. REALLY don't like Sora. I don't like Kairi that much either. Of the original new characters made for KH, the only one I actually liked was Riku. XD

YAY! IX! Succumb to the awesomeness that is the first Final Fantasy Varis ever played! 8D

I'm weird and seem to love all characters in just about anything I watch/play/read. Unless it's Harry Potter. I can't stand canon characters from those books, but I think that's just because I hate how Rowling writes her characters.

But yes. It's AAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL about Riku.

OMG THESE CODES ARE SO BORING GAH. I'm only at Marcus/Eiko and I've got nearly 40 more to put in. XD

Blah, I used to use Dayquil all the time because it was 'non-drowsy' then I get informed by the school nurse it has a mild sedative in it anyway. WTH? But yeah.

Riku, good. Kairi, I like. Think I'm in love with Sora though and I don't know why! *sobs* Not like I don't love Riku though. Yay smut! *cough* Going far away now...

Vicki~ How did you rip the PS2 CG sequences onto your compy? :/ I can't seem to figure out how to do so, and I'm REALLY itching to make a X-2 music video.

Congrats on both of your AMV's hitting 100 downloads. xD

It's a pain in the ASS... but This thread on Emuforums has all the info and program links and steps you'll need to rip FMVs from both FFX and FFX-2. The X you may not want to waste your time on, mine came out kinda shitty.

xD Weee mucho gracias V-Chan. I can finally get around to making my blasted X-2 Video I've been pondering over. xD *gives you giant chocolate cake as thanks*

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