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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul shouldn't be getting sick.
five more seconds;

Go forth. Because I skipped my morning classes in favor of lying in bed and sniffling, I have video offering.

...So I'm definately coming down with a cold. My head is like *aaagh* and my throat is like *scratchscratchburn* and my nose is like *hah! SUFFOCATE!* @___@ I feel so not good right now.

...I suppose I should try going to bed earlier tonight. Although right now I'm waiting for thunderemperor to get online. selphish's journal says he's gone off somewhere, but he said we'd be able to rp tonight.

I really want to RP Zidane and Garnet. But I can't. Because we have to arrange the liftoff of all the characters to the Celcius, and then we've got to fly to the Calm Lands, and THEN yay for on-again-off-again wit and fluff. XD

...I also wanna RP Shuin and Lenne again.

And Quistis against.. well, Squall. And Zell, and anyone else.

...I have too many characters. XD

I wanna do stuffs over at KC too but we're on hiatus nammit ;__;

...Ah yeah. dawgstar? If you haven't, you really need to look at the OOC comm for FF if you don't want to be kicked out. I don't want to kick you out, but you still haven't gotten active.

..Right, on another note, people give me ideas for icons. I'm planning to do 10 FF8 icons, 10 FF8 icons, and 10 FFX(-2) icons, 10 random stuff icons, and 10 anime icons. But I can't figure out what to do, exactly. Help pleeeeaaaaase? Give me ideas. Lyrics. Anything! @__@

...Kay. Back to my video planning. As I have no homework. @___@

...On one last note, Hesser is apparently haunted. Joy. *squick*

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Zell and Quisty would be hard to RP, unless they chattered over the radio system.


..I mean once he gets back. XD Unless she gets impatent and goes out to find him anyway. I'm thinking about her running into Yuna and demanding they take her with them on the Celcius.

That'll probably be sometime next week, if I want to attempt a decent time for him to be gone and collect random SeeD's. She'll probably get impatient. XD

...Yeah. She's actually already impatent. The only thing that's keeping her from telling me to fudge off is the fact that she needs to talk to Squall and I've got her so busy that she can't just go, because she's like *Gah...duty...must....complete!*

Zell hopes that Squall remains elusive so that she takes a long, long time in fulfilling her duty.

Well, she said she would come and find Zell if he doesn't return within a week. So even if she doesn't find Squall she'll leave. She's got a timer counting down to the exact moment in which she discovered the note beneath her door. If he's not back by then, she's hunting him down.

...I'm a little scared of her at the moment. o__o

Zell is very afraid and wondering why he ever thought this was a GOOD idea. XD

He will now get his butt in gear so that he'll come back at least an hour before the timer-of-doom goes off.

XD Quistis said it's because he DIDN'T think. As usual. She's being really snarky.

...I laughed so hard when I read that in my Email. XD My roommate looked over at me and was like '...wtf is so funny dude?' XD

Zell is making faces and at loss for words.

I live to amuse. >D

Quistis would be making faces back if she wasn't busy plotting the destruction of all testosterone-kind patrolling the halls. >.> XD

Apparently so. XD We are such dweebs. XD

They're worse than the children they're stuck babysitting.

And I forgot to mention your mansex comments back with the Sephiroth and Seymour log would have made me choke had I not been forewarned by Amy to not drink or eat.

Very much so. XD Amy's telling you about the wonder of Quistis destroying Irvine's manhood if he ever suggests she needs to get laid, yes? 8D

Awww. But I like making you spit food all over the place! XD But yeah. We likey the mansex. And Seymour's mother is gonna be like 'OMGWTFIDIDNOTRAISEYOUTOBEGAY!!!' XDDDDDD

...I really kind of wish we had a Kuja.

Yep. XD I fear if we ever get an Irvine.

Oh, Seymour had an Oedipus complex, I'm sure of it. >D He couldn't have his mother, because y'know, she died and all, so he killed his father out of frustration and became gay. Yuna was just a distraction to fool the masses.

At least that's what I keep telling myself and everyone else around me when the subject of Banana Boy comes up.

Oh god. Kuja. I hear lots of "I'm So Pretty" coming.

Oh, me too. But I so want one. XD

..OMG yes. It makes so much sense!

...Although, technically he's still married to Yuna. That will be so weird. XD

Yes. And mirrors. and frolicking. It will become 'Forever Fantasy: The Musical!' 8D

And a Raijin. Pool noodle cracks are still needed.

Doesn't it?!

... And that's just wrong.

OMG. Like my Kingdom Hearts one. Except it won't be Ansem breaking out into song. XD

... Now I've got Like A Virgin in my head.

OMGYES. *G* We need a Raijin.

Very wrong. Yuna's off having kinky hetsex with Tidus on beds right above where Jecht and Dagger are hanging out, and Seymour's off having kinky mansex with Sephiroth in Guadosalem.


..Holy hell. XD Like in Moulin Rouge? o___O *Pictures the evil scene of doom* *Replaces Zidler with Ansem and The Duke with Kuja* *...So so so ded*

Everyone's just assuming Sephiroth and Seymour are having crazy mansex which they of course probably are. XD I love it.

... That's a nightmare waiting to happen.

Well, yeah. You think you and Trudy were gonna get away with the 'he's so pretty' remarks in your RP and NOT get the massive mansex rumors? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mansex.

....It really is. XD

He WAS supposed to be home HOURS ago, but he called when I was asleep, so I guess he's staying there.

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