five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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Well, I know Maggie was waiting for this. XD
five more seconds;

There. My 8 video take 1. Now I have to do all the other ones I have in my head. XD! I like it though.

...and theholloway, you were right. The dance scene matches up to pratically everything. XD

...And everyone needs to laugh when Squall's in his car and the lyrics are about horses. Because that was my very small attempt at humor. XD

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Doesn't it? XD

*goes to download*



And yes, I did giggle at the mighty steed part. XD In the Teenage Dirtbag one I have yet to upload, the part about the girl's boyfriend driving an IROQ is Seifer standing on Galbadia Garden about to hit Balamb Garden. Yay for twisted humor.


XD The life of an AMV maker is so darn amusing. Espically when you only have limited things to work with. XD *Wants to see the Teenage Dirtbag one!*

I just need to confirm the download, then it'll be up. XD

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