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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;

...T____T I love this series. So much. Passion and love for the Wolfies. The HigexBlue moments just... aaah. Total Varisstifflies.

And poor Kiba! *Clings to Kiba plushie* T__T Again, Toboe and Tsume had little parts. (Varis thinks during offscreen time they had mad doggy lovvin. but that's just her slashy fangirl acting up again.)

Hige's speech about how Blue had to stay behind made me cry though. There were absolute tears. It was so romantical and sweet and wonderful! My het pairing status quo for Wolf's Rain is quite low, but HigexBlue are definately a het pairing I put full support behind. (When I'm not lusting over HigexKiba. *eyeshift* Theirloveissobizzare)

...Yeah. Back to RPing and making of AMVs now. XD

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Dude, Tsume/Toboe is HAWT. Seriously. *wibble*

What episode was on tonight?

..Why do I not have Wolf's Rain icons? *Makes a note to remedy this*

Yes. It is hawt. *sagely nod* Verrah. And blatently obvious. XD The only pairing more blatent was like.. Trowa/Quatre. *snort*

..I don't remember the name. Hige's collar came off though? =D? His neck looked funny to me without it. XD

...and it's on again. o__o *probably shouldn't have stayed up all night. XD* *watches again*

Yeah, Hige does look funny without the collar. XD

*shakes fist at Bandai* Make the DVDs come out faster! My fansubs are insufficient!

I forgot to watch the episode last night! >< I'm so pissed off! I MISSED IT!

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