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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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...What? Insane? Me? Noo...
five more seconds;

...FFIX. Yeah. That's right. Mine. Since FF8 decided it hates me and the disc won't read so I can get FMVs and make an 8 AMV, I will make IX AMVs.

...Only problem is, I got so lost at the repeating chorus. XD I like it though. The song makes me wibble. The video made me wibble around the part where it's like 'DEATH!' o__o

....Yeeeeeeeeeah. Go download that too. Because I got 56 hits on Gravity. Which makes me glee.

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I have a program somewhere that lets you rip the 8 FMV's. And I think one of the Chrono games. XD

;afdljsk if it isn't the two ones I already have send it to me if you can find it 8D? It turns out that for some reason my FFIX Disc isn't protected against being ripped by the programs I've got, but 7,8, and CC ARE. I know it's not my program because I just randomly ripped the FMV sequence from DDR's opening. XD I think I've got 'Greatest Hits' versions of 7,8, and Chrono, so they added evil satanic SHIT to it that makes it difficult for people like me to steal their FMVs and add them to pretty music. T__T

I used greatest hits for 8, and it ripped fine o_o It's a Japanese program, but there's enough english for you to get the idea of how to work it.

I like it! That song is cool. And I just now downloaded the Gravity one and I like that even more. XD That song is one of my favorites, so.. XD

=D! *Squee* Gravity is one of my favorite songs too. XD I'm just like 'Wolf's Rain *__*' ...which I'll make a video of too, once Sumi sends me that DVD ripping software she told me about. *eyeshift*

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