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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul is creative.
five more seconds;

Everyone go download my video. Watch it and give Varis feedback on her first ever FMV. @___@

I'm offically NEVER going to get the song 'Gravity' out of my head. Oi.. I caught myself humming it mutiple times throughout the day when I was not at my computer.

...Although sumi just sent me one of her vids, and I feel like a complete lame newbie now. d;lfasjk... if she tells you her AMVs are terrible, she's LYING.

...Yeah. So I should go to bed in a bit, cuz I've got intro in the morning. Beeh. Then I need to get ahold of Joz, and find out if we're gonna go see RE2.

...I also need to get ahold of mermaidjeans and see if we're still hanging out Saturday. Ooooy. @____@

...But yeah. Download AMV! Espically you theholloway as it's ALL your fault I made it in the first place! XD

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YAY! *...Will figure out a smaller compression without killing the quality eventually. @__@*

It's not that bad of a size. I've downloaded 80 MB for an AMV a few times... XD

OMG THIS IS PRETTY. So much better than my first AMV. *________*

o__o 80? Ayaaah. Although I downloaded the file of doom and death earlier for the alleged 'FFX-2 Final Mission Ending' ...Piffle. I wanted new FMV. I got no new FMV, other than random 8-ish cloud sequences.

*____* I'm glad it isn't like blatently horrible. The timing really pissed me off at the end. I didn't actually want to have blatent Tidus scenes in it, but I needed to fill that gap where his angry face is with something that wasn't Yuna dancing around like a crazy person.

...Which is like.. ALL the FMVs I have. o__o She dances too much.

This doesn't count as my first ever video though. I worked with Pinnacle all last year for Multimedia. XD Movie Maker is all new to me. I was baffaled by the audio system.

I used Movie Maker like a god when it still worked. This 'upgrade' pisses me off though, and the quality it saves the videos as is a joke.

The second time watching it I clicked over to the video box and saw Angry!Tidus and thought to myself 'It's okay Tidus, Seymour will still keep you as a side dish.'

I need sleep. Or something. XD

..Yeah. Whenever my programs ask me to upgrade them, I just say no. I learned my lesson with the horror that was Real 1 player.

*FOL!* XD Oh dear. The smutty minds of fangirls at lack of sleep. I usually blame my chanting of MANSEX! on that.

...Or sugar. Or the heat... Do I ever take the full blame for my fangirlishness? Gee. I'm so noncommital. XD

It upgraded automatically with SP2, I believe ~_~

If there is anything that could be blamed at hand, blame it. It's sole existance is to be your scapegoat.

Or at least that's what I tell myself. XD

...Excuse me while I realize I hate all my icons. @__@ *Makes a note on her eraser board to make new icons*

..ANYWAY. I bought a new computer and it came with the regular version. o_o And they did upgrades to it, but it didn't change. Although it took me forever to figure out how to fade shit... *Keff* That was just me being stupid though.

Absolutely. I agree completely. XD

God I know that feeling. XD

I might just reinstall Windows again</i> when I get the important stuff onto my other drive. I should just install those programs on that damn drive, while I'm at it. Anger towards Microsoft

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