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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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...Hahaha... Subliminal shipping has deeply embedded itself in my brain.
five more seconds;
SO. I've finally gotten my hands on most of the vids I need to content myself to making an AMV.

...As it turns out, my brain subliminally ships ShuinxYuna, no matter what I do. I SWEAR this vid wasn't going to be ShuinxYuna....but... it seems to be going in that direction.

I am such a geek. XD I just have to wait for my X ending to download. I <3 Kazaa Lite. Although once I get my effing membership for Animetheme, I'll redownload everything so it's better quality and all the same size, because I'm psychotic and perfectionist like that.

...Yeah, but I'm doing the vid to 'Gravity' from the Credits of Wolf's Rain, because I'm on crack. And it fits in my delusioned brain.

... I have to go to class now. Ta!

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Yay! Shuin/Yuna still lives! <3

Well, yeah. Shuin/Yuna. OTP baby. XD I still hold out hope that one day there will be an RP that that pairing can thrive in.

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