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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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OMG @___@
five more seconds;

Jenn FINALLY moved her ass out of here. And we got a new roommate. which was a little '..wtf?' but it's Crystal, and she's cool, so it's all good. We were able to finally reorganize the room too. I am now on the other side of the room, comfortably facing the window with a full wall to myself. Hah. Basically Hannah and I still got our room set up the way we wanted it to, although the TV's on the wrong end, but that's only because Crystal's on the other end.

I also reorganized my desk, and now have a lot more room on that.

My own internet plug is now working.

I'm bumming right now though, cuz Nick and I were supposed to ArrPee some YunaxTidus fluff, but I had to get offline and shut down for all the movey, and just got back on now, and he isn't on! T___T I'm so sad. I wanted TidusxYuna fluff. I'm going to go watch AMV's and wibble to myself now.

...We have to find my codes for my remote, as we can't use it for Hannah's TV until we find them, as it's a different and less sucky brand than Jenn's. Of course, we've still got all channels and can access them, so that's good. I don't have to go without my Inuyasha and Family Guy tonight. Fwee.

Still waiting for my approval at Animethemes. I need videos of good quality. They have them. But I can't get them until I'm a member. Gah. @___@

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What happened with Jenn? o_o

Jenn's the roommate who was having issues. Like, coming in really late at night and being obnoxiously loud about it, to the point that I actually woke up and Hannah did too, and we're both REALLY heavy sleepers. Then she wasn't even sleeping in the room, she was bitchy about little things, and just really hostile towards both me and Hannah when we hadn't done anything.

And all her stuff was in our room, which was annoying, because we wanted to move our room around but we couldn't because she had so much more shit than the both of us, AND a giant TV caddy...thing. See one of my earlier entries for photos of THAT monstrosity. @___@

...But yeah, she moved to the room with her other friend, and they're all happily arguing I'm sure.

God, that reminds me of two of the girls I had to live next to my first year... I'm still praising God that I had such a good roommate that first year (and that I haven't had others since)

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