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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul didn't want to awaken this morn
five more seconds;
@__@ I'm so tired right now. I actually slept through Hannah's getting dressed and leaving process. I may have awoken once, looked at her for a moment and then promptly fallen back asleep, but I really can't remember.

...I have class in twenty minutes. Intro. Bleh. Well, I did get dressed. Kinda. I really just switched my baby pink pj bottoms for my black ones and put on a different shirt. Technically I'm still in jammies. But even if the teachers notice, they best not care.

...I really don't think they will, considering I wore slippers around to all my classes last week.

..Which I'll probably do again. It's not like they notice. And my feet are a lot more comfortable in slippers than they are in my converse or sandals.

...bleeh. I'mma watch my pretty AtomX videos and then get my books...