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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
So, since I can download stuff now, I've been whoring myself on AMVs.

I just watched a Tiduna one that was to Koda Kumi's 'Come Back' Oy. It made me cry. T___T Now I want to RP like, a LOT right now. But NEITHER one of my Tidus's are online. Grr. Arg. *Shakes fist at them both*

*Shakes fist at Vanessa too, because she's been wanting LennexShuin for ages, but Vanessa has been too busy being killed by School*

...Why am I the only person who is in a school where the homework is all spaced out and easy to put off 'til the last minute? PROCRASTINATE PEOPLE! IT'S FUN!!!

...Really though. RP. Varis want. Nevermind that she RP'd earlier today.

....Actually, I really wanna play Hestia too. Not Dissendium!Hes, Expecto!Hes. Any of my Expecto dahlings wanna come be my friend in the chat? C'mon. Y'know you all need cookies.

reddheart...That reminds me. We should do Harry/Ron. Just 'cuz. And Hestia/Naomi. Cuz that would amuse me to no end. We only got to do them OOC-IC. That was no good. We need Auror Hijinks.

...Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggy. I want to RP with you too because I haven't since....um... Forever.

...Okay. So I'm an RP whore. @__@ I admit it. *Sighs*

Seriously. RP. Want.

...I miss Checkmate too, dammit.


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... *shameless pimpage*


I'm uploading the bottom two as I type this, so yeah. XD Enjoy? I make too many?

...Oh like I remember my AMV account name. @___@

WELL. it told me what the account is, but I do not remember the password for the life of me, and it's saying my Email isn't my Email. Silly AMV. Tricks are for kids!

Damn amv.org and it's having-an-account-to-download-ness.

...Er. Well, it seems that I shouldn't have put a space. My username was 'Gothicskitzo' not 'Gothic Skitzo' ooops. XD

*eyeshift* ...I know.

<3 I'm watching the videos. Somebody Told Me made me giggle a little more than it should have, right when you hand Yuna and Lenne singing, but it was all manvoicey.. XD

..and do you have any idea where FFX2.net disappeared to? I tried to go there today to steal FMVs, but there's like... this evil forum which has nothing to do with X-2 in it's place, which is making me very sad because x2.net was like my crackwhorebitchsite. T___T

I have a lot of videos with Yuna singing with a manvoice. It's because I can't find any good songs I want to put to that game that is sung by a female. XD

o_O It's not there? *goes to find*

*gets resurrected* I would but school is so evol! ;_; *is killed again*

Tomorrow I've got school like all day, but Thursday my classes end at 3pm and Friday I have no classes, so whee~ we SHALL arpee soonage! <3


...Am so holding you to that. You will get IMS of doom.

..Let's see. Thursday I only have two classes, which end at threeish, and Friday I have four effing classes, but they all get out before three.. XD None of my classes go much past three usually.

...Although, Joz and I may be making plans to go see RE2 opening night.. that wouldn't be 'til midnight probably. Who needs sleep? I'm going to scare the fuck out of roomie by being horrified by zombies at the window all night long! FWEE!!! XD

Yes, I do need to dig up Harry.

And cookies.

Yes. Harry needs a crapload of cookies to wake his arse up. Cookies and Mountain Dew Pitch Black.

*prods Harry with a big stick*

COOKIES. *Sends Ron to the kitchens to steal some from Dobby, and thus lure his best friend out into the open* *Doesn't know how to go about getting the Pitch Black, however.*

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