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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul is relaxed.
five more seconds;
So, Weekend turned out better than I thought it would.

makia came over, and we went out to dinner at Bickfords, both of us got Breakfast at ten at night. XD Then she spent the night with me in the dorms. We stayed up, watched Inuyasha and Wolf's Rain, (OMGPOORHIGE!! *Clings to her Kiba plushie*) and played video games. I bought Wolf's Rain soundtrack with a Kiba plushie at Best Buy. So wonderful omg *_* GREAT Soundtrack.

She's also put the idea of HigexKiba in my head. It makes me very happy...

ANYWAY, after she left, my bruddah came and picked me up, and I went and stayed with him and Heather last night. It was great. They cooked yummy food, and then we went to Dah Loop and saw Hero. That was a very good movie. It would have been better were it minus one pinhead who couldn't keep up with reading the subtitles, and one child sobbing uncontrollably when people were killed.

....WTF? I think that parents who bring LITTLE KIDS to movies that are rated *R* for VIOLENCE (And a bit of Jet Li's arse. Mmmm... THAT was good.) should be dragged out into the street, shot, run over, shot again, then flogged. Then stabbed. Then drawn and quartered.

...Seriously though. WTF?

...so yeah, after Hero, we went back, and I tried to stay up to watch Aqua Teen Hungerforce, but I got sleepy and fell asleep. Today Heather gave me a full body masage, which was *Sooooooooo* nice. I'm all relaxed and comfy. Then we went to lunch at Chili's, and Ward brought me back to school.

...So now, I'm going to make a post in the OOC comm of FF, because dude, wtf? I have to kick people for being laggy. BAD laggy! NO cookie for you!

...All you on my Flist, if you are part of FF, and your character has yet to make a post, MAKE A FUCKING POST OR RP DAMMIT.


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I will be sending that app into you later. I was going to last night but the computer misbehaved and I got stuck making recovery disks for my HP... there were SEVEN of the fuckers. so yea. expect something, and beat me with a fish if I don't do it...

~Jos: Yer lil Sefie gurl.

Sephiroth will do something soon? @_@

XD Yessum. He will. I'll GIVE him something to do if you can't think of anything. Although whatever I give him will probably involve lots of gay mansex and drag...muahahaha.

I was plotting ideas when I woke up this morning for him. Mostly lots of killing of random people he finds around that don't have answers. Mansex. Mmmm.

Oooh. Killing is good. We likeses killing. And mansex. Mmmm..

Sephiroth walks along, finds some random person, grabs them by the collar and demands to know what's going on. Person can't answer, impalement, Sephiroth goes on his merry way to make hot sweaty mansex with Seymour.

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