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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul feels much love.
five more seconds;
WHEE! Jozzy's gonna come and pick me up after she gets outta work, and we're gonna go paint the town red or something... then tomorrow I have to call bruddah at noon, and he's gonna hopefully come pick me up and we're gonna have a cookout, and I might sleep over at his house. Yay for that! I get to see the Big Puppy! Homer! Whee! XD

I'm gonna do camerage. I feel the need to be digital camera whore.

...I have no idea what I'm watching. I think it's Stargate, but I really haven't watched enough of the show to know. XD

I feel good right now. Bed is finally getting comfortable to me, and room situation is getting more and more tolerable. Although I can't wait until we can move stuff around.

I should go get dressed soon. XD I'm still in meh jammies. I was really unmotivated to get properly dressed today. Actually, I haven't left the room more than three times today. o__o once to go to the bathroom, once to go take a shower, and once to go see if the store was open so I could talk to the nice attractive black guy who works the counter and saves my Sprite Remixes for me because he discovered first day that I have an obsession. XD It wasn't. I was sad. Although, it's understandable. The nice dudes in the store need a day off too!

So yeah. Feeling very good right now. No more stircrazy. I made a phonepost, but I accidentially deleted it when Jenn came in and kept talking to me while I was trying to post it and I pressed the wrong button...


...I wanna play RE now. Damn. Maybe I can go to EB and pick up used copies of 3 and 2. I don't want 1. I don't like 1. I want Nemesis and 2 though. I haven't finished Nemesis yet, and I <3 2, but I left my N64 at home, so I can't play. T___T

...I DO have CVX though... and Zero until Jenn moves out... Oooooh....