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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
I have nothing to do right now. Hannah just left for the weekend, and I am STUCK here.

ARGH!!! Someone in the NH area want to come rescue me? I want to go eat somewhere that doesn't have crappy food, and pick up a remote for the TV so that I can watch Inuyasha and Wolf's Rain tonight. I've missed far too much from my shows, and it makes me sad.

...I also really want to go shopping. @__@ I need retail therapy! Guh... @___@

Human interaction would be nice too. *sigh*

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Ah yes. The trees. We have those here too, although since I'm in the middle of a city, there aren't too many. I do have a dirty condom outside my window though. XD

Yay for heartage though. You all started school up there yet?

I get out of work at 6:30. I have my car. So what I can do is drive the newly fixed Tinfoil down there when I get out of work, we can stop by my "pad" (yes, I stole that from bill) and tell the parentals where I will be... then we can disappear.... disappearing is fun. But I'll call as soon as I get out of work too... so yuh.

Yeah, we started on the 2nd. You know us, have school for two days, then have a three day weekend.

God damn, I can't wait to graduate and get out of this hellish state.

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