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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
I have nothing to do right now. Hannah just left for the weekend, and I am STUCK here.

ARGH!!! Someone in the NH area want to come rescue me? I want to go eat somewhere that doesn't have crappy food, and pick up a remote for the TV so that I can watch Inuyasha and Wolf's Rain tonight. I've missed far too much from my shows, and it makes me sad.

...I also really want to go shopping. @__@ I need retail therapy! Guh... @___@

Human interaction would be nice too. *sigh*

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You can visit with me if you want... I'll give you a call later...

I called you earlier. XD One of the males in your house told me you'd be at work till sixish. I gave you my Number didn't I? I can't remember... o__o I'll be sure to be offline with the phone plugged in at six though. If I don't hear from ye by seven I'll do the phonecall thang, as I found your number. XD On the back of my PPT Syllibus.

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