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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
I have nothing to do right now. Hannah just left for the weekend, and I am STUCK here.

ARGH!!! Someone in the NH area want to come rescue me? I want to go eat somewhere that doesn't have crappy food, and pick up a remote for the TV so that I can watch Inuyasha and Wolf's Rain tonight. I've missed far too much from my shows, and it makes me sad.

...I also really want to go shopping. @__@ I need retail therapy! Guh... @___@

Human interaction would be nice too. *sigh*

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ooooooooooooo shoooooooopping......

Yes! Shopping! We have a good mall here, despite a bigger one being in Salem. o__o

You can visit with me if you want... I'll give you a call later...

I called you earlier. XD One of the males in your house told me you'd be at work till sixish. I gave you my Number didn't I? I can't remember... o__o I'll be sure to be offline with the phone plugged in at six though. If I don't hear from ye by seven I'll do the phonecall thang, as I found your number. XD On the back of my PPT Syllibus.

Alas, I am in Maine and am doomed to spend my time with trees. My heart goes out to you though, shopping makes every one feel better.

Ah yes. The trees. We have those here too, although since I'm in the middle of a city, there aren't too many. I do have a dirty condom outside my window though. XD

Yay for heartage though. You all started school up there yet?

I get out of work at 6:30. I have my car. So what I can do is drive the newly fixed Tinfoil down there when I get out of work, we can stop by my "pad" (yes, I stole that from bill) and tell the parentals where I will be... then we can disappear.... disappearing is fun. But I'll call as soon as I get out of work too... so yuh.

Yeah, we started on the 2nd. You know us, have school for two days, then have a three day weekend.

God damn, I can't wait to graduate and get out of this hellish state.

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