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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Where the fuck did all this popup shit come from? It wasn't on my computer last week. I am NOT amused. I need to go get a popup blocker software now, unless they're kind when they check out my computer and do it for me. I Mcafee Virus Scanned the fucker, and deleted a whole load of shit, and what I couldn't delete got quarientined. But they're popping up more than they did before I deleted all the adware shit. Gaaaah.

In other news, Hannah didn't seem to have a hangover of any kind, but, she also doesn't remember anything besides sitting next to her trashcan last night. She doesn't remember how she got home, she doesn't remember going to take a shower, and she doesn't remember getting into her Pjs. XD

...Now I have to write paper. Gaah.

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Go to Grisoft.com and get the free version of AVG. It scans your entire computer for virii, pop-up programs, and any backdoor programs and all that nasty crap. Anything it doesn't like, it'll tell you about it. Then get this neat contraption called "SpyBot". It kills the things that AVG can't, but I don't know where to find SpyBot.

If I may borrow Mike's infamous word... "googlebomb" for SpyBot software. I'm sure you'll find it ^_^

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