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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul burns eternally
five more seconds;

I just spent all afternoon playing Drakengard. I <3 that game. It's got an obscene amount of alternate endings though, and all the ones sans the first one I got has sort of... made me go '..wtf?' The first one I got was the one where you fight Giant!Manah as the final boss, then Angelus decides she will be the seal, and Caim cries. Poor Caim. T___T *<3s*

I really REALLY want to icon a bunch of those scenes, but I don't know how to get captures from video games into my computer, other than like, finding a site that has the FMVs and download them.

...It isn't so easy to do so with Drakengard. Even in all its OMGCOOLNESS, I have had so many issues finding good artage of it, beyond the few pictures I already have.

...So does anyone have any idea how to get capturage? Do I have to download a specific program like PowerDVD for DVD capturage? u__U

I want pictures.

...I need to go get mail. I don't want to though.. eeeh. I'm also SO not going down to dinner tonight. I will either eat Ramen or Easy Mac for dinner. Because, omgomgomg ewew food. The food makes me feel not-so good.

....okay. I GUESS I'll go over to the mailbox. I really do need my razor. =/

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Two ways to get the scenes I know of.

A capture card, which can cost you anywhere from 30-200 dollars.

And a really long tedious way that lets you rip FFX-2 and a bunch of other games as well, providing the cut scenes are in mpeg format.

Found the tutorial. This should work.

Introduction, for PS2 FMV they put the movie files as PSS file. So every movie file that resembles videos in games or maybe cutscenes/real time are in PSS files ( most of them ) Some DVDs the PSS files can be found if you explore it but some like FFX and X-2 they are hidden and you need to find them.

Let us start off by getting these softwares:
1)Isobuster ( for creating an image of the game ) and VirtualCD 5 for backup purposes
2)PSS Demux to demultiplex the PSS file to m2v, wav and ac3
3)Nova Software Extractor 2.4 to extract the files
4)Tmpgenc ( to encode the videos to mpeg ) or DVD2AVI+Virtual Dub ( for avi files )
5) The File Splitter 1.3 to split the image into smaller files.

1)First, you open up Isobuster to create an image of FFX-2 which is 3.7GB.
2)After getting the image, use The File Splitter to split them to 1GB each.
3)After splitting it, use Nova Software Extractor. In the format section below, click on .mpg only then select the file and start scanning.
4)When you get all MPG files, right click on the file and change the properties from .mpg to .pss and save it to a location. Make sure to check the box at the left side of the file.
5)Then use PSS Demux to demultiplex the PSS file into m2v, wav and ac3 ( Dolby Digital 5.1 sound )
6)Use Tmpgenc to simple multiplex the m2v and ac3 together. Make sure the Mpeg-2 plugin is not expired. If its expired, you can't use the ac3 format file
7)Or use DVD2AVI to convert the file to avi then use Virtual Dub to dub both the video and the wav file.

...Holy fuck that's a lot of steps. o__o Of course, the capture card isn't overly appealing, considering the monitary issues.. baaah. Let's see how desperate I get.

Drakengard is beautiful, even if it is spelled funny. But yeah, 3 of the 5 endings are totally "...wtf?" educing that you have to wonder what sort of crack Squeenix employees get. I mean really, Tokyo!?

Did you try the Drakengard LJ community. Normally places like that post the occasional screenshot that you can't get everywhere.
Also, if you have a spare $20, amazon.com (I think) has the Artbook imported from Japan.

...Yeah. The crack is amazing. o__o Espically the ending when you don't beat Inuart, and he puts Furiae into the seed, and she goes all.... Creepy. And then the world ends with the doomage. I was really confused by the Chaos!Dragon ending too, and it didn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

...Those are the ones I have though. I can't figure out how to get the otherones, although I did manage to make it so it was Furiae who killed herself, instead of Manah... o__o

...Oh yeah. I checkeded out the Drakengard comm. They REALLY don't have anything I didn't already have, aside from a few fanarts.

....Art book is tempting. Varis likes art books.

To get the OMG TOKYO!ending, You need to be in normal mode and get all 65 weapons, some of which are damn hard to get and in order to get the fourth one, you need to get Seere and finish chapter.. 13 (14?).

Up side to the Chaos!Angelus ending is that Manah gets eaten. That amuses me to no end.

...ALL weapons? There are 65? *..weeps* I...Have like... ten. *Flail* Never gonna get that ending then. o__o

I have Seere... I think I did that chapter... Am I supposed to do something with Leonard? I haven't finished his chapter. I have no idea. o__o

...Yes. That was amusing. XD Manah...oy.. what a stupid character. She pissed me off almost as much as Inuart. @__@

Inuart is emo, and my no-bake cookie tastes like cucumber.

Ah yeah, you probably have to do Arioch's, Leonard's and Seere's side quests to get it as well. Neither of the first two contribute anything to the storyline though, they just like dragging us through missions that if you’re not leveled up high enough will probably end with you being killed.

That, and the game so needed a full chapter dedicated to Leonard being a wangsty-Drama Queen.

The first ending is my favourite~ It's sad and pretty and I like the way the characters have developed. And it's not too depressing. *___* <33.

I wish the game were more well-known, so that people would have the FMVs up everywhere to download. :/ It would have made life so much easier for us iconners. BUT NO. We had to go and fall in love with an obscure game! XD

*checks* I have 152 pictures in my Drakengard folder. Not sure if that's a lot or not, but either way, just bug me over AIM if you want some. :DDD

ps: *ADDS YOUUU*. We shall share in the shininess that is Drakengard, and _foreverfantasy RP! XD

....Thats the one where Caim cries, right? *Doesn't know the numbarage XD* *Really, has no clue what the hell she's doing in that game half the time, she just runs and kills shit, and when she gets in trouble she calls on Arioch to magic shit to death*

152 is more than I have. o__o I've got like... fifty or so, MAYBE and that's including fanart.

PS: XD *Adds you back* Yay shiny!

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