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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Wow. Got some serious sleepage on.

I'm about 100% sure that roomie missed her first class. She shut off her Alarm and it didn't go off a million times like usual. o__o Unless she got up while I fell back asleep and was gone, returned, and went back to bed, she missed the class. I don't think one class will kill her much, but if she's still asleep by the time I get back from my first class (Which I need to be getting dressed for in a few minutes) I'll wake her up. I know her second class is at one, so yeah...

I have to say, Jenn's just upped my gladness that she's moving out. Yesterday she got her computer all checked out, and got her internet cable up and running. Not ONLY does the fucking cable hang out over my pillows because my bed is right underneath the Ethernet plug, but she uses the computer for a few minutes, then promptly LEAVES and doesn't come back the rest of the night. With the computer on. The computer shut itself off, otherwise Hannah was going to do it. As it is, I unplugged her fucking ethernet cable so I wouldn't be choked to death by it in my sleep. If she comes in and has issue with that, that should fire her ass into gear to go and fill out the goddamn paperwork so she can get the fuck out of this room as soon as we get back from Labor Day weekend.

She's developed such a pissy attitude. It's irritating. I'm really tempted to get out my own ethernet cable and use her connection over the weekend while they're both gone, if I can't get ahold of Brotherthing again to take me. I talked to him, but he distracted me with talk of how school and such was. So I'mma call him again today. If they can't, I'll stay here over the weekend. Maybe if Joz isn't dead with overworking herself I can take her out for food consumption. I need to go somewhere where the food isn't all school-like. My stomach is suffering liek woah right now.

...Yeah. That's about it then. Must find medication, then get dressified.