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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
This was supposed to be the QUIET hall.

...it is SO past Consideration hour. and there are girls SCREAMING with laughter out in the fucking hallway.

I want to go to sleep now. I got bored enough to decide sleep is good.

...but they are being loud. If they don't shut up in ten minutes, I'll go out there and tell the bitches off. JUST because we can now have people sleep over is no reason for them to be ignoring school rules.

....Sounds like the RA just told them all off. Good. I'm going to read Wicked for a bit, then sleep.

may go to Brother's this weekend for Labour day. Gotta call him tomorrow and ask.

OH! and for all of you who were worried-like about my sweet Kittiums, I talked to my dad today. I asked him how she was doing, and he said 'she's doing pretty well' which means she hasn't been peeing where she shouldn't, and he hasn't put her down! HUZZAH! YAY FOR MY SMART AND WONDERFUL KITTY!