five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Got bored. took pictures.

Save the Kitty!
This is Mimi. She is the cat that's life is currently in danger. Do you really want to see such a pretty animal die? No.

The bane of my existance.

asdflkj; that STUPID TV caddy. Thankfully, it's a definate thing that the Roomy will be moving out and taking that THING with her. YAY!

...You can see I was watching LXG when I took the pic. XD

Random shots of my bedroom before I left for College

It was so messy. XD

Dorm room!</b>

Was bored. Took picture of dorm room before problem roomy moves out. The purple bed with the Kirara plushie is mine. the bunk bed with loads of shit on top is hers. You can't see Hannah's cuz I was sitting on the former Food!Desk, and that's right next to her bed.

I'm tired now. Bed is good. it's still quite hot here, but it rained and cooled off a lot. I don't have class until 11 tomorrow. Whee.

Sleep now.

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She looks like my Tigger.

Too bad you're in Maine... and I'm in California... I'd beg my mom to take her.

I wuv my Kitty. T__T I'm highly tempted to call my dad and leave a cryptic message on the answering machine.

...T__T Damn technology for not inventing teleportation devices! She'd be better off across the country than in the house with Father-figure.

Kitty!!!! ;____; SAVE THE KITTY!


Isn't she pretty? u__u I absolutely love her.

XD I got it last week. They had Miroku plushies too, but the only one they had looked demented and my friend was like 'omgimgonnacomebackwithmoneyandbuythat' and I thought it would be mean to be like 'FUCKYOUIMBUYINGITSOHA!'

...besides. I like the Kirara plushie. *hugs her*

As an interior design student, that TV Caddy thing, makes me feel pain.

XD It looks like a home made IKEA knock off. That makes me feel sad.

Ohyeah. Hannah, my other Roommate, is an Interior Design student too, and she's had SO much angst over the thing. She pratically jumped with glee when Jenn announced she'd be moving out and taking it with her.

..Well, probably because it *IS* home made. XD APPARENTLY Jenn made it in Shop Class because she needed an end-of-the-year grade. -_-;;

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