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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
I'm hungry.

Yes, I did have dinner down in the Cafe. But it was SOSO gross. Eeeew. the Roast beef was...so-so. but that was it. they didn't even have Pizza tonight, which is the ONLY thing they do well. I think I may make Cup-a-Noodle or Easy Mac. I'm too lazy for actual Ramen at the moment.

....I think the girls in the room over are moving furniture.

...I hear people out on the back lawn. They're wooping. I can't see 'em, cuz our room is above the tin roof of the Gym. the view sucks. So much. We have an ugly-ass spider, a beer bottle, and a dirty rotting condom to look at whenever we glance out the window. There's a bit of a view farther off, but it isn't much. It's nice when it's dark though. Can see the moon real well. No stars though. Too close to the city to see stars.

...Roommates haven't returned. Betcha a dollar Jenn won't be coming in tonight, and if she does it'll just be like 'here to get my bear/whatever!' and then out again. Hannah'll probably be here around midnight. So she KNOWS I'm here, as she lost her key at a night club she went to Friday. XD

Still can't find English Syllibus. Gonna check in drawer of Games, and if it isn't there, I give up and find Cody tomorrow to steal his.

..If he has it. If HE doesn't, I'll have to find Cat. and again... Cat not have, find David. Oy... @__@ and if David doesn't have his, well, unless Diamond can help, I will be screwed.

Rather comfortable right now, which is good. Heat finally going down. is 75 degrees now. Weatherbug says so.

...I wish people would stop slamming doors though. They keep shaking the wall. =/

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My friend Cynthia used to go to Stanford (was it? It was about four years ago, I think.) and she said the food in the Dining Commons was all right. I don't think they ate there much though, lol.

We can't see the stars here all that well either, unless you look straight up from my backyard. Good case of vertigo and a neck crick there.

Good luck with finding the English Syllibus. And it's still hot here, ick. Finally got Rach to rp with me. I'm currently spazzing while I try to play Edea. Gin says I'm running on nerves too much. Oh yes. Amy needs to learn how to breathe. ^^;;

I really should just start calling Dominos to come deliever. XD

We couldn't even see the moon last night. o__o it was overcast, and all the lights from the city were bouncing off the clouds, so it was kinda like dusk all night long. XD

I didn't find the stupid thing. u__U. Hotness is bad. It's warming up here, but it's only 73 right now.

Don't spaz about playing Edea though! I think you've been doing a great job.

If I was faced with the choice of campus food or take out, it's pizza every time. ^^

That really sucks. The moon's actually the one thing you can almost always see from here.

It cooled down some last night finally - like around 11? - and it's a little cooler today. Still a bit too hot for the kitties outside though - there's a family of strays (We've known the mother since she was a kitten, and her babies literally since the day they were born) and two of the little ones, Jess and Asher, have been inside sleeping under the love seat most of today.

Yeah, I calmed down a bit...then Squall left a comment in her journal and there it went again. lol. I'll settle into it soon enough. I'm just better with my OCs 'cause well...Yeah. They're mine. lol.

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