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So, got back from Shari's about three. Roommates still aren't back. I figure that they won't be around until late.

I tried to buy a Laundry card earlier, but I CAN'T because the effing machine doesn't take ones. Only fives. GRR.

I can't find my English Syllibus, which is really angsting me out, because I need to read something but I don't know what. I also need to do something for Intro to College, but I'm putting that off.

Had a good time with Sister, even though they had Avery this weekend, which ment I was tortured by playing games I didn't want to play.

We had lunch at their house, normal food was so GOOD.

dinner was at the Chinese Buffet in Concord where food is always good.

I didn't actually get to sleep in a bed, which sucked a little, but I got to watch Wolf's Rain! OMGYHEY! We finally find out a little about Hige's past! *Glees* I <3 Hige. It ended too soon though. I wanted MORE!

The heat has been HORRIBLE. It rained, which made it bearable for a little while, but the heat and humidity are back full blast again. Ugh. I long for cooler weather, as we have no effing AC in the dorms.

I picked up Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. SUCH a good book. OMFG. I've been reading it like, nonstop since I got it last night. I got the edition that had pictures from the play in the middle of it too. XD Now I need a scanner so I can use the pictures for icons. Because you know I wanna. I wanna go see this play so bad. *__* I wish I'd gone to school in New York. Ah well...

My back still hurts though, which sucks. u_U

..I think I'm going to go do dishes now. I've been putting it off too long, and since I can't wash my clothes until I get a fiver, I'll have to do with clean dishes. =/

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