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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Soo sore.. guh.

Okay. FF started last night. *hee*

And APPARENTLY the roommate that I've been having 'issues' with, thinks I'm rude. What. the. fuck? I've NEVER been rude to her. I barely TALK to her. I'm always talking to Hannah. SHE just sits over in the corner on her bed, or isn't even in the room, is off with Amy somewhere.

The RA's were apparently talking about moving her into Amy and Fran's room. Which is all well and good. She's been spending the past few nights in there anyway, and like half her stuff (sans TV, VCR, Gamecube and fucking huge ugly-ass TV caddy) is in their room. If she'd just move out, she wouldn't have to deal with my 'rudeness' and *I* wouldn't have to deal with her giving me dirty looks when she thinks I'm not looking. If anyone's been rude, it's her.

I'm not approaching her about it either. I didn't have a problem until she did. She can just keep having a problem somewhere else. Then Hannah and I can reorganize the room so it's more comfortable for us, and her tacky TV caddy will be gone. Hannah'll bring down her TV, and I'll go out and buy a VCR. Not like they're expensive. Sure, there won't be GC anymore, but the only games she has worth playing are Zelda OOT and Resident Evil Zero anyway. If I really need a GC fix, they're cheap enough for me to not have to sell my soul for one.

..I suppose the more I hope she'll move out, the more I'll end up the one getting screwed over. Like, they'll move Jenn, but move someone with hygene issues and a bitchy 'tude in. I wouldn't have a problem if Fran decided to move in in Jenn's stead though. Fran is chill. She plays Final Fantasy. And she's travelled more than I have.

...I'll stop ranting soon, really. Once this all gets settled.

Ooh. And I leave with my sister in a few hours! Yay! Comfy bed! Comfy bed!

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Sorry you're having roommate issues honey.

But trust me, it could -so- be worse. One of my roommates I had in chicago... *sigh* Her name was Rachel Sandy, she smoked cigarettes and pot in my bedroom, constantly had her derilect nasty assed boyfriend and friends over, cut school EVERY day. (she only went to -one- class. Not one subject. One CLASS.) Stole $500 from Ashley Tanner, wrote a bad check to Melissa Decker for $100 when she had closed her account 6 months ago. Wrote two bad rent checks, and a bad check for her tuition... racked up a $600 cell phone bill on -my- phone... and then threatened ME, MELISSA, and ASHLEY with lawsuits against us because she claims we went through her stuff and took shit.

Dude, she's so white trash, even a PAWN shop wouldn't take her shit.

*sigh* Anyway, so keep in mind, it can always get worse. *hugs* I miss you lots honey, see you at Christmas, yes?

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