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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Varis finally bought the earlier versions of Final Fantasy! XD

I have got 1 & 2, 4, 5, and 6. and Chrono Trigger. Wheee.

...I started with 6. I'm...um. Just left South Figaro as the old guy was pissing me off cuz he wanted Cider but I couldn't give him Cider. So, I road a chocobo to this little hut, where Edgar started freaking out like 'OMGLEIKMYBROTHER!' and stuff, and then some other old guy came and told us that Edgar's brother went off to the mountains, and I'm at the enterance of those right now. Whee. The oldschoolness of it all amuses me.

...although, would someone care to explain to me why Terra's hair is green in the status screen art and her character sprite, but in the FMV sequence and some of Toriyama's other art it's blonde? This baffals me.

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I played part of 4 (2 in Japan, I think), and I've beaten Chrono Trigger. CT is an excellent game. I <3 Crono lots.

I think Chrono Trigger is a lot more fun than FF6. You don't really need to work at levelling up so much. x_X *is stuck at levelling up right now...which is oh-so sad* And CT's characters are much, much more balanced than that of FF6. At least, I like all of them very much. ^__^

Eeeew. Levelling. u__U So far I haven't had to do that much. I've just been like *walkwalkwalkBATTLE!AUTOARROWOFDOOM!YAYEDGAR!*

....I like Edgar. He makes me giggle. I believe my inital reaction to Edgar when I talked to all the people in the Castle was like '...OMFG. He's like Miroku only with a Kingship.' Yeah... XD

I'll start Chrono Trigger when I get pissed at FF6 probably. XD I have the 'angst so I switch games' disease.

It's really annoying. I mean, hvaing espers and relics are all good and all, but, oy vey, it's ruddy irritating having to switch in order to get like 30% more health each time you level up...and it gets even more annoying when you're at like level 40 and your bloody health is at around 2500. Eergh.

CT, on the other hand, really, really loves dealing you lots of experience without a chance of dying that easily.

I bought 1&2... haven't played them yet though. XD Been too engrossed in 8.

I think the old FFs are better than the new ones.

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