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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;

SO, as it stands, we've settled our problems for the most part. If one of the girls decides to move into another room, we'll all be completely chill, as we'll still hang out, but she won't have to deal with me at my pissiest hours, which I think ticks her off.

AND we'll have so much more room once we get rid of her bed, as it really does feel crowded in here sometimes.

Anyway. Went down to the IT office and I have an appointment with the tech guy to check out my computer Tuesday before my Math class. So I should have regular internet access soon! Whee!

And tomorrow at noon my sister is coming to pick me up, and I'll be spending the weekend at her house! *eee* I'm glad about that. I'll be able to sleep on a bed that DOESN'T give me backpains, and I'll be able to get a printer cable, among other things.

...And I'll use her washer for clothes. Muahahaha.

But yeah. My bed sucks. I hate it. I want it to stop being uncomfortable.