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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Going down to IT department tomorrow to try and get my computer checked out. At the least will sign up my internet port.

Will try to be online by Saturday. FF will still open as planned.

Having small issue with roommates right now. Want to go home.

That is all.

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): I hope things get better. *huggles*

It's getting better. Roommate with biggest Problem has left for the weekend. Roommate #2 and I are considering bringing up the idea of moving Roommate #1 to another room. One that she spends most of her time in anyway. It's just irritating when she comes in early and gets her stuff while we're sleeping.

Yeah, that kind of stuff is what you want to stay away from. :p At the very least confront her about it. I still wish I had confronted my roommate last year before things got as out of hand as they did (to the point where I ended up crying in the RA's room :p).

*snugs muchly* Just take care of what needs to be taken care of. Things will settle on their own.

It seems like it. I really do like my roommates, we got on well at first, it's just when classes started issues started popping up.

Problems with the roommates?

Is it wrong that I first saw "internet port" as "porn" and nearly died laughing?

Anyway, here's to hoping that things clear up.

Yes. it is wrong. Very wrong. Bad Bad Brad Smutty Mind. It is a PORT! dork. We aren't allowed to download porn. They said so.

Mmm. It would be ideal if roommate #2 does decide to just move into the room she's been spending a lot of time in. Then it would just be me and the gal I get on with REALLY well in a Quad. We could take down two of the beds, then we'd have SO much more space. (Most of the problems are with stuff-space at the moment, it seems.)

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